About 2Value

About 2Value

2Value is an umbrella organization of open source professionals. Consisting of certified and involved specialists from all over the country. In teams of varying composition, we are realizing web projects according to a set method that is verifiable and measurable. We design, create and maintain internet projects according to a set method that is verifiable and measurable. We design, implement and maintain web systems with focus on the overlap between identity and access management and block chain technology (distributed applications). We do this based on open source systems.

For example: Drupal, Bitcoin, Ethereum. We also make use of Platform as a Service and Software as a Service in the areas of identity and access management (IAM). The result? An open and transparent approach plus satisfied customers and systems that lead the way in terms of ease around electronic identity, security and privacy protection on the one hand and the latest techniques of standalone transactional systems that use the block chain.

Benefits 2Value

Working with 2Value is giving you many benefits. Whether you want to build a new website, expand webshop functionalities or renew the intranet. Together with our independent specialists we are providing:

  • Online strategy Online success is depending on the right strategy. Our Internet specialists will streamline your online plans, advise and execute. As a team and as an expert. And of course in close cooperation with you. From design, web implementation to support.
  • Unique design An eye-catching design is no guarantee for thousands of online visitors. The success is determined by a combination of factors. Our creative designers know this. In close cooperation with you, we will make your website or webshop a special experience. Taking into account your objectives and applying online rules.
  • Support Also after the implementation of your website, 2Value will make sure your website, webshop or intranet is performing perfectly. We are offering you this security through our support contracts. Available on request and according to your wishes. From 24x7 and 8x5 Service Level Agreements to a strip card.
  • Hiring a Team Do you want to hire a 2Value team to create your online business? We are offering you a customized solution. Our network includes experienced independent open source experts. With up-to-date knowledge and a vast experience. You specify your requirements and we will create a project team.
  • Creation 2Value is also interested in the ultimate realization of a project. And of course we are also providing the management and hosting. Would you like to know more? Please ask for our terms and conditions.

Do you want to learn more about 2Value’s way of working? Or do you have a specific question or an assignment? Please contact us.