Blockchain Transactions: keep it burning

Bitcoin fireplace

"Turn up the volume,

and start the engines...


lie down,

and stare into the flames"





What is in the fireplace for me?

It is a gadget to keep you warm and relaxed. It presents worldwide bitcoin transactions, as shown on The latest transactions in BTC are animated into fireplace flames: the higher the value, the higher the flame. The highest values result in thunder. The Total BTC in the upper right corner shows the total amount of Bitcoins on transactions since you started the fireplace.

It is NOT the actual burning of bitcoins! (Read more what it is not.)


Want to know more?

Push the Info button or the right arrow on the right side of the fireplace. You can scroll the text down.

Who is crazy enough to spend energy on this?


     @henkvancann idea and vision

     @kordwarshuis animation / storytelling

Spread the word for me, I want to donate!