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What is Bitcoin fireplace?

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USE is the main success factor of any blockchain. ’Keep it burning’ refers to real bitcoin transactions.

Van Cann adds:“ It is one my dearest wishes that blockchains become increasingly popular and will be used to make the better world for all of us. Blockchains are in fact a great invention that have the ability to fully transform the role of middlemen like government, banks, notaries, etc. 

Transactions sit at the heart of any healthy economy. When the fire stops, value rests in place and currencies decrease in value. Finally, the monetary system of a blockchain collapses. That is not what we want! So keep working on great new or improved blockchains and keep  the transactions burning!   Van Cann and web front end artist Dwarshuis have teamed up to build this free gadget, the blockchain fireplace. Keep it burning by spreading the word or donate:




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